British Virgin Islands Map – Charter


British Virgin Islands Map and Hazard Chart

Provided by kind permission from Cruising Guide Publications

When you arrive for a yacht rental for bareboat charter with Virgin Motor Yachts our Operations Manager will complete a comprehensive ‘boat briefing’ covering all systems of you charter yacht or power catamaran .  He will also walk through a  full ‘chart briefing’ with you on the first day of your charter.   This briefing on  your yacht or power catamaran will ensure you feel comfortable with the boat before leaving Nanny Cay to being your charter.   Our Operations Manager  will also details multiple maps and charts of the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands and the anchorages on Tortola, Norman, Jost Van Dyke etc.  This briefing will describe where you can safely moor your yacht during the day and overnight.

For guests who would like to see the hazard charts and the BVI map that we use, they are available for download below.  These BVI maps show the areas that are allowed and/or restricted for bareboat charter guests, and you can download them so you can review them prior to the start of your BVI yacht or power catamaran charter.

Please note, these are not ‘navigation charts’ but are for guidance and information purposes only.  A detailed British Virgin Island map for navigation is also provided when you begin your yacht charter.  This navigational chart will be your primary reference.  The hazard chart for download shows more detailed areas for anchoring, mooring etc. for bareboat charter guests.

British Virgin Islands Map & Hazard/’Out of Bounds’ Chart

You can preview the chart here and download the full version below

  Download Chart 1

Virgin Gorda Map & Hazard/’Out of Bounds’ Chart

You can preview the chart here and download the full version below

  Download Chart 2

The British Virgin Islands map and hazard chart is a great reference for planning your BVI itinerary on your yacht charter. It allows guests on a boat charter and/or power catamaran to see the safe anchorages with mooring balls where you can stay comfortably with your yacht overnight.

One area that is not noted as ‘red’ or ‘out of bounds’ on the chart is White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, home to the Soggy Dollar Bar.  Recently, many of the mooring balls have been removed from White Bay to allow for safer swimming to the shore and Soggy Dollar Bar.  However, this means there are far fewer mooring balls and more guests and day boats anchoring in an unsafe manner.  Because of this, we at Virgin Motor Yachts have decided to make White Bay ‘out of bounds’ for our charter yacht and power catamaran guests.  We no longer feel it is safe for guests or our yachts to try to moor or anchor in White Bay.   Instead, we ask guests on a bareboat yacht charter to pick up a  mooring ball in Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke and then either dinghy or a taxi to  White Bay and the Soggy Dollar Bar.