Luxury Yacht Charter Basics

Choose a luxury yacht charter and enjoy the British Virgin Islands to the fullest.
Cruise the Caribbean in the ultimate style and comfort on board a luxury crewed yacht. With the captain and the crew taking care of absolutely everything on board, your luxury charter is an unprecedented way to discover all the wonders the British Virgin Islands and Caribbean region have to offer. The Caribbean Sea with its clear azure waters, historic heritage, quaint villages and exotic scenery is a magnificent yachting area which makes the region one of the world’s leading charter destinations.

Let our experienced staff help you find the perfect luxury yacht for your charter vacation. Based on the number of guests on board, your preferences and planned budget, we will find the best luxury yacht charter options for you to choose from, anywhere in the Caribbean.  Our team will then assist you with every step of the yacht booking and charter process.

Luxury crewed yachts are typically longer than 20m (65 ft), specially designed for comfortable cruising and are luxuriously furnished and fully equipped. Crewed yachts always come with a professional staff on board, which makes cruising the seas relaxing and completely effortless. This dedicated crew of captain, chef and mates, awaits your command to serve your every whim and ensure your complete and total enjoyment while cruising with them.

Bright and spacious, every one of the luxury yachts will have all the modern amenities and key features to please the most demanding charterers.   The main differences are the size of the yacht, the layout and the charter rate.

The rate of the luxury yacht is always inclusive of the crew that is employed by that yacht. Once you select and book the charter yacht, both the captain and chef will be in contact with you directly. Your private chef will send you a ‘preference’ sheet that allows you to detail anything you like or dislike to eat, types of cuisine you prefer, the type and brands of soft drinks and alcohol you would like on board etc. It is extremely comprehensive and allows the chef to create a menu that is tailor made to your taste. The chef plans for you to eat three meals a day on board the yacht. If you want to go ashore any day or night for a meal you can certainly plan to do so.

The captain will also be in touch to find out what your vacation ‘style’ is and to find out what you would like to do on your yacht charter. Are you very adventurous and want to go hiking, paddle boarding, fishing, diving etc? Do you want to go to all the ‘happening’ beach bars? Do you prefer beaches that are ‘off the beaten path’ in total seclusion? Based on your conversation, the captain will help develop an itinerary that is completely personalized around your interests and help you arrange any additional activities you might want.

Luxury yachts come fully equipped for charter with an array of water toys to enjoy all the seas have to offer, including; snorkelling equipment, floating mats, paddle boards and kayaks wakeboards, jet skis (not permitted in the BVI), and sometimes even water trampolines and/or giant water slides.

We at Virgin Motor Yachts are happy to offer you the finest selection of luxury  yachts to cruise the beautiful British Virgin Islands and Caribbean. So sit back, relax, and let us create your perfect fun-filled luxury yacht charter holiday!