Welcome Back!


One of the things I have quickly discovered since assuming my role of Virgin Traders CCO (Chief Canine Officer), is that the loyalty of Virgin Trader’s guests runs deep! (It is almost comparable to the loyalty offered by us canines to our bipods 🙂 I just found out from Amanda that more than 70% of our guests are repeats who come back time and time again. I would like to personally say a huge THANK YOU, to all of you – your dedication to Virgin Traders makes me want to work my hardest to earn your continued loyaly (and biscuits).  I look forward to greeting you all and geting to know you better as you come back year after year. 

Just this week I was able to see some guests off the docks who are chartering with Virgin Traders for the 10th time!!! John and Margaret Bailey clearly love the British Virgin Islands and all the diverity it offers for motor yachting.  I am sure they are going to have an amazing time this week checking out all the best beaches and amazing restaurants – I am just sorry they didn’t take me along for the ride! Welcome Back!

Hope you all have a great weekend whether on the land or the sea!



PS: For any guests arriving in the next couple weeks, I did get a lovely shower and groom this morning (because I’m worth it!) so I am all fresh and clean if anyone would like to invite me along for their week at sea!