Two ‘paws up’ to our team!

Taking an afternoon to celebrate our dedicated staff

Well yesterday was certainly an unexpected treat for this canine!  The bipods decided to only work a 1/2 day in the office, and instead spent the entire afternoon eating, drinking and laughing together.  Apparently they were enjoying an afternoon off in recognition of how hard they all worked this summer getting the yachts in ship-shape for the fall charter season.

I did make a few trips out to the boat yard this summer to visit the guys, and oversee their progress. I must admit – it was very hot outside and their work did look quite dirty and labor intensive.  I really couldn’t be bothered to stay out in that heat for long, and promptly returned to the AC of the office – I don’t know how the guys could handle it day after day!  I guess they spent over a week on each boat sanding and reapplying bottom paint, polishing & waxing, checking the props and thru hulls – all to make sure the guests have a great charter experience this fall.

This impromptu afternoon party did offer a great side benefit to me – dropped pizza and rum drinks left unattended!  While I tend to prefer scavaging for chicken wings from the grass around Mulligans, the vegetarian & feta pizza I gobbled up from Virgin Queen was quite delicious.  It was also nice to not have to worry about choking on a bone (something that tends to happen quite often in my uncontrollable haste to devour any discarded chicken wing remnants)! While my mom wasn’t looking, I was also able to sneak quite a few licks off the top of various rum drinks the bipods left sitting on the ground:) While I am not proud about it, I can be a bit of a booze hound and this party seemed like the perfect opportunity to let my fur down!

I am feeling a bit ‘fuzzy’ in the head this morning, presumably it is the rum! But hopefully I can sleep the feeling off with a nice long morning nap before I am needed to greet guests later in the day!