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Introdroducing the new Virgin Traders CCO!


The Salty Dog BlogMy name is Mollie, and I am the newest member of the Virgin Traders’ Team! I have recently been appointed the CCO (Chief Canine Officer) at Virgin Traders. So far my responsibilities have been pretty easy – I greet guests as they come in, I am in charge of ‘quality control’ of the AC to ensure the office is a comfortable temperature for naps, etc.

I am very excited to now have a blog, to expand my reach to not only the Virgin Trader’s guests I meet in person, but those virtually as well!

A little bit about me…I had been living on island for a couple years, and struggling to get by day-to-day as an ‘island dog’ (a more glamorous way to say ‘stray!’) I found my way to Vijay and the Humane Society of the British Virgin Islands in spring. Although Vijay took good care of me for a couple months, I really wanted to find a home where I could be the center of attention (I don’t like to share the spotlight!).

The Salty Dog BlogLuckily for me, Alexia came to the shelter in search of a ‘boat dog.’ I hadn’t been on a boat before, and I didn’t know what was required of a boat dog, but I was up for any new adventure that would get me into a permanent home!

As she walked around the shelter I tried to display my best manners – no barking or jumping and I made sure to sit and wag my tail a lot. I was so excited when she picked me – but definitely less excited when she immediately put me into the bathtub to give me a good wash and pick off the more than 50+ ticks that were living on me at the time. Although I tried to resist, I must admit that when she was done it felt great to not have the little buggers living in my toes, ears and fur anymore!

Unfortunately my medical adventures were not done though. When Alexia took me to Dr. Lora for my spay, she discovered I had worms, tick fever and heartworms.  I had to endure two months of difficult treatment and I had to be ‘quiet’ and ‘still’ the entire time, in order to keep my condition from getting worse. That meant no running on the beach, or even daily walks. Those two months were hard, but I am happy to say I am 100% better now, and feeling great.

For not knowing what it meant to be a ‘boat dog,’ I think I have adapted quite well, and I must admit, that I LOVE IT! I get to go everywhere Alexia goes, and I am now a pro at navigating up and down the stairs and jumping on and off the boats.

The Salty Dog BlogI have even learned how to ride on a paddle board and kayak in order to get to and from shore. I know how to swim, but it is not my favorite– I much prefer to be a passenger and let my mom do the hard work!

While my workload as CCO has been light so far, I look forward to taking on more responsibilities for this upcoming charter season. I spend my days in the office with Cathie, Amanda and Alexia – so I try to oversee them and make sure they are constantly providing our guests the exemplary customer service Virgin Traders is known for.

With the addition of my blog, I hope to provide our guests updates on the yachts at Virgin Traders, my favourite places to visit in the islands, the newest dining spots etc. My job description is quite loose right now, so if you if have any suggestions, please send them my way!

I look forward to meeting many of you this season as you come through the doors of Virgin Traders, and for those of you who can’t make it this year, I will do my best to give you my island ‘tails’ through my blog to keep you in the loop!