Steppin’ Out!

Mollie, the ‘CCO’ (Chief Canine Officer) at Virgin Traders Motor Yacht Charters, blogs about making the ’rounds’ at Nanny Cay for the ‘10,000 steps a day challenge.’

virgin traders cco mollie walking

Well this week is off to a great start! For the last three days in a row, one of the bipods in the office has unexpectedly picked up my leash over the lunch hour and taken me on my favorite walking lap around Nanny Cay Marina.   On Monday I thought maybe she was just being nice, since my mom was exceptionally busy with 4 yacht starts on Sunday and hardly paid any attention to me. I assumed her colleague was simply taking pity on me, and could see the neglect written all over my face. However, the last two days have been a repeat of Monday. I was happily snoozing under mom’s desk when I heard the always exciting sound of the metal clip of my leash. So I scurried out, did the ‘song and dance’ required by the bipods of sitting at the door before my leash is attached, and then off we went on a lovely midday expedition.

mollie going for a walk at nanny cay

While we were walking, the bipod was continually looking at a strange gadget she had clipped to her waist. At first I thought she was continually looking down at me, probably to remind me to ‘heal’ properly. ( I don’t think they understand how difficult this can be – the sidewalk and boat yard is a cornucopia of amazing smells! Other canines, the numerous felines that roam the marina, and my favorite of all, discarded chicken bones! But I digress…) This strange gadget seemed to be communicating something to the bipod because at many times during our stroll she seemed to be counting for no apparent reason.  I think the gadget must also have been encouraging her to move quickly, because this was not the leisurely stroll I am used to! I think the bipod forgot that my four limbs are much shorter than her two, because for every step she took I was having to take a quick three ones just to keep up. Frankly, as much as I like getting out, by the end I was exhausted!

virgin traders cco mollie resting

When we got back to the office I attempted to resume my slumber, but to no avail! The bipods were cackling away at each other about my impromptu walk. I decided to perk my ear up to listen since I was curious to hear if I could look forward to more lunch outings. Apparently, these walks are part of the fitness movement challenge through the Ministry of Health and Social Development.   They are trying to encourage healthy living by asking participants to walk 10,000 steps a day. I don’t know what 10,000 bipod steps translates to in canine, but I am sure I get far more than that each day running around my yard with my canine neighbors!

From what I could understand of their conversation, the device on the bipods waist was a ‘pedometer.’ It seems this contraption tells her how many steps she took so she knows how many more laps we needed to make around Nanny Cay to achieve her 10,000 step goal. I also learned that this challenge is supposed to last for 12 weeks! While I really have enjoyed these lunch time excursions, I am honestly not sure if my short limbs can handle that many steps. All I know is that if the bipod keeps up at this pace, I will be the fittest dog on the island!