Spring is in the Air

Mollie, the ‘CCO’ (Chief Canine Officer) at Virgin Traders Motor Yacht Charters, blogs about the ‘warm water, hot racing’ (and cold drinks!) at the BVI Spring Regatta.

spring regatta at nanny cay marina

For the last week as we have been leaving work, there has been a sea of people, music and activities going on all around Nanny Cay. Pull as I might on my leash, my neglectful mother has insisted on taking me home for the evening instead of allowing me to go explore the source of the noise. Luckily for me she had a change of heart of Sunday, and took me to the beach to join in the fun.

mollie the virgin traders cheif canine officer Mollie with Jumbies of Leverick Bay

When we got to the Beach Bar I was a bit overwhelmed – I have never seen so many bipods in one place, they were everywhere! And very loud, and boisterous – slapping each other on the back, exchanging ‘high fives’ and being generally quite loud and merry. Apparently they were all celebrating the BVI Spring Regatta, which had been the source of the music, parties and great food smells that I had been experiencing throughout the week.

On the beach, was a group of the strangest looking bipods I have ever seen, and I must admit, I was somewhat frightened when I was shoved toward one of them.   He looked like a giant clown and had legs that towered over the other bipods. It also seemed his legs were made out of wood, and it took all my will power to not begin gnawing away as his legs so closely resembled the sticks I enjoy retrieving from the beach.

mollie the virgin traders cheif canine officer Mollie enjoying a mount gay rum

After my frightening encounter with what I found out later was a Moko Jumbie, I immediately made a b-line to the bar to try and use my cute face and ‘puppy eyes’ to secure a drink. I recognized one of the bipods working the bar, but he refused to serve me my favorite drink, a rum and coke (with Mount Gay Rum of course!) and instead served me tap water on ice….ugh, it’s a dog’s life!

mollie the virgin traders cheif canine officer Mollie at the Heineken tent

I figured I would try another bipod in my attempt to secure a better beverage (please don’t judge – I am not a ‘booze hound’ per se, but it had been a very long week)! I saw the oh so familiar green and red Heineken logo on a tent, and figured this would be a good option. I see the bipods drinking from these bottles day-in and day-out, so I assumed at least one of them would offer to give me a sip.   As I was attempting to get their attention by standing smack in the middle of the line, my mom suddenly pulled me away and walked me toward the beach. What terrible timing she has!

Not only did she pull me away from the booze tent, but she forced me to sit beside her calmly while the bipods listened to someone on the stage talking, and then ever few moments they would clap, shout and yell while various bipods walked across the stage.   I found this very boring, as I would have much rather been digging up the beach looking for discarded chicken bones. I later learned that this was the awards ceremony for the BVI Spring Regatta, and that the bipods were handing out awards for all the boats that raced throughout the week.

virgin traders chief canine officer mollie at the bvi spring regatta

After the awards ceremony, I was able to make my rounds through all the tents and enjoy the smells and delicious food scraps the bipods had dropped on the ground. I was also able to attract a lot of attention and scratches behind the ears from all the bipods roaming about. Overall, it was quite an enjoyable night (even though I never did get to enjoy any Mount Gay Rum or Heineken), and I only hope that next year my mom allows me to attend more than one night of the festivities!