Not a bad view from the doghouse!

Mollie, the ‘CCO’ (Chief Canine Officer) at Virgin Traders Motor Yacht Charters blogs about the view from her new ‘doghouse’ above Nanny Cay

mollie the saltydog enjoying a table of food with friends of virgin traders

Well my Wednesday night had an unexpected treat – a bipod party! My mom recently moved me from living on a boat to living on the land. I will admit this was a bit of an adjustment as I was quite comfortable with my ‘sea legs!’

We moved just a few minutes up the hill from Nanny Cay, so I can still keep a keen eye on the Virgin Trader’s yachts coming in and out of the marina. It is normally very peaceful and quiet at my new doghouse, so you can imagine my surprise when bipod after bipod started making their way to my front door. Apparently my mom arranged a party of all the female bipods, because my pad was suddenly overrun with loud, cackling chatter and laughter all night long.

view of sir francis drake channel, nanny cay and overlooking virgin traders

I assume the bipods all came over to gawk at the great view my mom and I enjoy from our porch. We can see the entire Sir Francis Drake Channel and can admire Norman, Peter, Cooper, Ginger and Salt Island every morning as the sun comes up. It is certainly not a bad view from my doghouse!

table covered with food for a party with friends of virgin traders

I have no complaints about the party though, because all the bipods were drinking wine. The wine clouded their vision, so I was able to spend the great majority of the night undetected under the dining room table that was COVERED in food! The wine seemed to impede the bipods balance and dexterity, so more food than normal made its way to the floor, where I was quickly able to snag it before being noticed. Best of all, it seemed that every bit of food was made of cheese, one of my favorites!

I will admit, the bipods did carry on much longer in the night than I would have liked, and I finally had to give up getting them to leave and just put myself to bed while they were still yacking away. And while it is very hard for a canine to voluntarily walk away from unlimited opportunities for bipod food, I know the importance of getting my beauty sleep.

mollie the salty dog sleeping upside down in her bed after a party

I am sure now that we have more space to spread out than when we lived on a boat, that I can expect many more of these bipod parties. And as long as they keep bringing the wine & cheese, I will happily attend!