PowerCat and Birthday Celebrations!

The big news of the week is that the newest addition to the Virgin Motor Yachts fleet, the 514 Power Catamaran named Dashaway, has finally arrived into our flee514-top-deck-aftt. This means that all my handlers go down to the dock to watch as the new boat comes into the marina and then raise a glass to its arrival and success. Once the boat was docked, the team jumped on board to admire her interiors. I hadn’t quite found my sea legs as I jumped aboard which nearly resulted in an impromptu swim in the marina. I quickly recovered as I realized that I could smell champagne and birthday cake.


The 60th birthday of Chiddick, one of our Shipwrights, coinbcoincidentally fell on the same day as the arrival of Dashaway! Chiddick has been an important part of the team for over 20 years now, and he gives the best back scratches. We kept his birthday cake a secret until we put up the balloons and iced the champagne. I’m not usually one to keep a secret, but I did my best. When he walked down to the end of the dock to the sight of all of us singing happy birthday aboard the new PowerCat, his face was full
of surprise. He climbed on board as we cut the birthday cake and poured the drinks. The humans even let me have a cheeky bit of cake! I couldn’t resist the vanilla icing even though I’m trying to watch my figure. I’m looking forward to the next Virgin Motor Yachts birthday celebration!