Mollie’s Salty Dog Blog: ‘Empty Docks = Happy Guests!’

20150611_134638This was my favorite type of week at Virgin Motor Yachts, one when I can look out the window of my office and see nothing but open slips! I heard my mom and the humans discussing that this is the busiest season in four years at Virgin Motor Yachts, so the yachts are constantly out on charter with happy guests. I must admit how envious I am of the dozens of guests who are out on the water enjoying the best the BVIs have to offer. I am just waiting for the day when on is willing to take me along with them to my favorite spots; the Willy T, Cooper Island and White Bay Jost Van Dyke, just to name a few!20150611_134351

It is a little sad for me when all the yachts are out, as there are no humans coming in and out of the office for me to greet.   Without the meet-and-greet tasks associated with my job as Chief Canine Officer, I don’t get much additional attention while at work. Annoyingly, my mom and the other humans in the office seem much more interested in their computers and work than they do in paying attention to my requests for attention and affection.   Our guests seem much more excited to see me, and often shower me with pats and cuddles.

20150611_134329While my mom keeps reminding me that the docks being empty is a good thing since it ‘provides for my kibble,’ (which I do love), I personally and looking forward to the day when the yachts return to the docks and the humans return to admire my irresistibly cute face!