Island Hopping

Fun in the Sun

Happy weekend to all of you! As we start Saturday, I wanted to update you on my adventures last weekend. Many of you bipods have traveled to the sunny BVI before, and have experienced the fun of ‘island hopping.’ You charter a yacht – hopefully a Motor Yacht from Virgin Traders, (my shameless plug to ensure there is still kibble in my bowl!) and travel around from island to island.

Personally, this is one of my favorite activities! You bipods know how excited your canine companions get when they are able to stick their nose out of a car window to catch the breeze in their face? Well, while island hopping I have the breeze of the sea blowing all over my entire face and body – pure euphoria!!!Island Hopping

When island hopping, most people make a point to stop at all the ‘traditional’ spots – Pirates at Norman Island, Cooper Island Beach Club, Soggy Dollar Bar, Foxy’s etc. but some of my favorite days are the ones where my mom and the bipods take me ‘off the beaten path.’ There are many great islands to visit without any amenities, and hardly any other people or canines for that matter.

Be sure to swing by some of my favorites for a lunch time stop – Salt Island, Ginger Island or Little Harbor on Peter Island. These are great places to relax, and just enjoy the beauty and serenity of our islands. Since there are no restaurants, bars or shops, make sure you go to shore prepared with drinks, nibbles and sunscreen.  It can get hot in the sun and I find what works best is to simply dig a giant hole on the beach and bury my head, and as much of my body as possible, into the cool sand below. I would encourage a shower after using this cooling strategy, as you do find sand for days in all sorts of interesting places 😉

Island Hopping

I’m not yet sure where my weekend will take me, but hopefully yours can include some sand, sun and fun!



PS:  I am officially famous as I have found out the BVI Governor has been tweeting about me.