A Dog Show ‘FUN-draiser’

I’m excited this week to promote an even that is very near and dear to my canine heart – a fundraiser for the Humane Society of the British Virgin Islands. As many of you know, it was just a short year ago that my rags to riches story began, and I became the luckiest dog in the BVI overnight. In 2014, I found myself living at the Humane Society for over a month when I was down on my luck and without a human family of my own. While Vijay and the Humane Society took wonderful care of me, my stay at their great facility was nothing compared the comfortable bed I now get to ‘share’ each night with my mom! IMG_20150531_211733 (2)

June 27th, the Humane Society is hosting a ‘Dog Show’ that is a ‘FUN-draiser’ to help generate funds to help put kibble in the mouths of the many deserving canines (and even the felines) who call the Humane Society ‘home.’

dog show

The Humane Society is also in the process of building a brand new animal shelter to provide homes for many more animals in need, so hopefully the ‘Dog Show’ can raise funds to go toward their new building fund. I am considering pestering my mom into entering me as a participant in the show, as I am certainly have what it takes to bring home the trophy for ‘Best Island Dog,’ ‘Most Handsome’ and ‘Waggliest Tail.’ I suspect my mom would consider me a front-runner for ‘Worst Behaved’ as well – but it is not my fault that the humans leave their delicious chicken wing remnants all over the ground, so of course I am going to pull on my leash incessantly until I find them, how can she blame me for that?!?

dog show 2014

If you live on Tortola please mark your calendar, or type the date in that electric device that all you humans seem to have glued to your hand at all times (I don’t know what it is, but I think you should put it down more often and use that hand to pet me instead!).   It will be a great day for both humans and canines, and hopefully I will come home with a win!