To make your charter as stress free as possible and save you time, Virgin Motor Yachts would recommend ordering your provisions in advance of your charter.  You can have you provisions then delivered directly to you yacht or power catamaran the day of your charter.  We recommend Riteway Foods for your provision requirements as they have their entire inventory available online, with pictures of each item.

You can either order individual items or packages whichever suits the needs of your group, Riteway even has sections online for ‘vegetarian,’ ‘organic,’ etc. They are also able to provide you beverages and your alcoholic spirits as well. The best part of all – they DELIVER YOUR PROVISIONS to your yacht, so they will be there at the start of your charter! What can be easier that provisioning in your PJ’s ?!

For a wide range of Organic and Gluten-free products as well as Italian produce and wine please contact Italian Wine Food Caribbean Ltd.

For those of you wishing to do your own provisioning, Virgin Motor Yachts will be more than happy to arrange a taxi for you on the day of arrival to take you to one of the nearby stores in Road Town.

Specialty Spirits

For Specialty Beverages, there are three companies online who can assist with your unique beer/wine/spirit options.  Each company tends to have ‘exclusive’ selling rights to particular brands, so if there is a certain beer or wine you ‘must have’ be sure to check all three companies.

Provision ‘starter kit’

Virgin Motor Yachts provides a ‘starter kit’ of items that you will likely need while on your yacht or power catamaran charter. This includes; dish soap, dish scrubber, roll of paper towels, dish cloths, matches, marine toilet paper (for each head), travel toiletries (for each head), clothes pins.

If you have any questions on provisioning please contact Virgin Motor Yachts, and we will be more than happy to assist.

Special Events

Are you celebrating something during your charter….Birthday? Anniversary? Honeymoon? Let our local caterer, Jenese Adams, create something special for the event. Jenese bakes wonderful cakes, creates beautiful ‘fruit flower bouquets’ and is happy to put together any type of special platter or tray to make your charter even more spectacular.  For further information please email

If you have any questions on provisions, quantities etc. please give Virgin Motor Yachts a call, and we can help provide suggestions.