This is the easy part, so please read on, let’s get you packing and on your way!

General Booking Procedure

1) Select which yacht you would like to charter.

2) Check yacht availability. You can do this in one the following ways:

  • Email our Reservations Department
  • Telephone : 00 (1) 284 495 2526
  • Toll Free Number : 888 684 6486 (from USA)
  • Fax : 00 (1) 284 495 2678

3) Once you have verified the yacht and dates, our Reservations Department will email you a booking form.

Please fully complete and sign, returning within 24 hours and return on our secure fax line + (284) 495 2678.

Please ensure you fully complete the Booking Form, selecting either option 1 or 2 with regards to payment.

4) When we have received the Booking Form, a contract will be put together and emailed directly to you, along with a sailing resume and charter information, which needs to be returned within 14 days.

Here you can download the various documents for charter.

Charter Contract

This must be completed by anyone wishing to charter a Virgin Motor Yachts vessel.

  Download Charter Contract

Sailing Resume

If you are planning on captaining the charter vessel yourself, we need you to complete the resume form below with your sailing experience and qualifications.

  Sailing Resume Online Form