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Bareboat Yacht Charters

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BVI Yacht Charters

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BVI Yacht Charters

On a BVI Yacht Charter you can choose to charter a luxury yacht and experience a fully-crewed charter experience that lets you enjoy all the beautiful British Virgin Islands have to offer! Cruise the Caribbean in the ultimate style and comfort on board a luxury yacht in the BVI.  With the captain and the crew taking care of absolutely everything on board, your luxury charter is an unprecedented way to discover all the wonders the Caribbean region has to offer. The Caribbean Sea with its clear azure waters, historic heritage, quaint villages and exotic scenery is a magnificent yachting area which makes the region one of the world’s leading luxury yacht charter destinations.

Let our experienced staff help you find a perfect yacht for your luxury charter vacation! Based on the number of guests on board, your preferences and planned budget, we will find the best options luxury yacht for you to choose from, anywhere in the British Virgin Islands or the entire Caribbean.  We can assist you with every step of the booking and BVI yacht charter procedure.

Luxury yachts are typically longer than 20m (65 ft), specially designed for comfortable cruising and are luxuriously furnished and fully equipped. Luxury yacht charters in the British Virgin Islands always come with a professional crew on board, which makes exploring the seas relaxing and completely effortless. This dedicated crew of captain, chef and mates, awaits your command to serve your every whim and ensure your complete and total enjoyment while on charter in the BVI with them.

Bright and spacious, every one of the luxury yachts and catamarans we offer for charter will have all the modern amenities and key features to please the most demanding charterers.  The key differences between the luxury yachts will be the variety of size of the yacht, the layout and the charter rate.

The rate of a luxury yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands or Caribbean, is always inclusive of the crew that is employed by that yacht. Once you select and book the yacht, both the captain and chef will be in contact with you directly to discuss your needs.  Your private chef will send you a ‘preference’ sheet that allows you to detail anything you like or dislike to eat, types of cuisine you prefer, brands of soft drinks and alcohol you would like on board etc. It is extremely comprehensive and allows the chef to create a menu that is tailor made to your taste. The luxury yacht chef plans for you to eat three meals a day on board the yacht, and you will want to after tasting their amazing creations!  If you want to go ashore any time for lunch or dinner that can certainly be arranged, and the chef will just plan to not make that meal for you on board the yacht.

The captain will also be in touch to find out what your vacation ‘style’ is and to find out what you would like to do on your BVI yacht charter. Are you very adventurous and want to go hiking, paddle boarding, fishing, diving etc? Do you want to go to all the ‘happening’ beach bars – Soggy Dollar, Willy T etc?   Do you prefer beaches that are ‘off the beaten path’ and in total seclusion? Based on your conversation, the captain will help develop a charter itinerary around the BVI that is completely personalized around your interests.

Luxury yachts come fully equipped with an array of water toys to enjoy all the seas have to offer, including; snorkeling equipment, floating mats, paddle boards and kayaks wakeboards, jet skis (not allowed in the British Virgin Islands) and sometimes even water trampolines and/or giant water slides.

We at Virgin Motor Yachts are happy to offer you the finest selection of luxury yachts to cruise the beautiful British Virgin Islands and Caribbean. So sit back, relax, and let us create the perfect fun-filled yachting holiday, tailor made for you!

Bareboat BVI Yacht Charters

A bareboat  yacht charter or power catamaran charter in the British Virgin Islands has never been easier!

Set off on an unforgettable journey around the amazingly beautiful British Virgin Islands as a skipper of your own bareboat motor yacht or power catamaran in the BVI from the Virgin Motor Yacht fleet on Tortola.

Enjoy full independence and adventure while helming your yacht or catamaran in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Discover the numerous pristine islands of the BVI and feel the gentle breeze brought by the consistent trade winds.

Yachtsmen from all over the world are attracted by the fantastic seas, colourful islands variety and diversity which make the BVI  a leading yacht vacation destination. Offering short distances between islands, line of sight navigation and plenty of land and marine activities the islands of the British Virgin Islands are a true Caribbean jewel.

Whether you prefer fine dining or casual beach bars, you will easily find exquisite flavours of the local and international cuisine, world-famous cocktails, friendly staff and picturesque Caribbean views to enjoy while on your bareboat charter.

Once you decide on the type of yacht or power catamaran you and your crew would like to charter, you can confirm the availability with our Reservations Department.   Our Customer Service Representative will then gladly assist you with the suggested itinerary, provisioning plans for your trip, water sports equipment rentals, best ways to travel to the BVI and “Nature’s Little Secret’s” spots not to miss.

You start your yacht charter at 12 noon, and can plan to have a hassle-free start by enjoying a ‘sleepabord’ on the night of your arrival. For an even easier switching to relaxation mode, you can order all your provisions on line and they will be delivered to your yacht or power catamaran and placed on board before you even arrive.

On the first day of your bareboat yacht charter our Operations Manager with help you familiarize yourself with the all the systems on board your yacht.  He will also go over a British Virgin Islands Map and navigational chart, briefing you on the restricted navigation areas.  We supply mini-iPads for the charter yachts, with Navionics electronic charts, which greatly enhance your piloting to the next exotic destination you wish to explore. The Virgin Islands Cruising and Anchorage guides we provide on board, offer great all the necessary information on the local marinas, facilities, harbors and mooring fields.

The British Virgin Islands provide an excellent retreat destination for visitors seeking peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. For those wishing to stay in touch with all current happenings or share sunny holiday photos while sipping a cocktail on a white powdery beach, WiFi is available on board the yachts so you can stay in touch – if you choose!

For those of you, who don’t have the necessary boating experience, or who simply want total relaxation, we can add a captain to your yacht charter to take care of all the driving and navigational duties. Alternatively, you can opt to take an International Bareboat Skipper (power) course with a training captain for a portion (or all) of your charter. Learn the basic seamanship in this unique setting and gain the necessary experience and confidence to be the Captain on your next charter!

Day Charters BVI (Day Sail)

Enjoy a luxury day charter in paradise aboard our stunning luxury yachts.  These high performance yachts offer large amounts of outdoor spaces where your entire group can relax while cruising to the best destinations in the British Virgin Islands.  Our day charters are always private, so it will just be you and your group on board.   The on-board captain and stew will create a custom itinerary to plan a day in the BVI you will never forget!

We offer day charter yachts from 35′-74′, so everyone in your group can sit comfortably and relax during your yacht charter.   Charters include your preference of refreshments, and the larger yachts also include a morning snack platter including fruit, pastries, muffins etc. and then an afternoon platter as well with cheeses, crackers, hummus etc.  Most guests prefer to eat lunch a shore to enjoy a taste of the islands, but if you would prefer, we can offer lunch on board as well.

Our luxury day charters allow you a chance to see the best of the BVI in total comfort and privacy.

Yachts in the Virgin Motor Yachts ownership program can be expected to return ~8% annually (based on historical charter data) to their owners – in the form of cash payouts!

Yacht Ownership

Have you ever dreamed of owning a luxury yacht but weren’t sure you would use it enough to justify the on-going expenses?  Through Virgin Motor Yachts Ownership programs you can own a luxury yacht or charter yacht, while we provide you a hassle-free ownership experience.  Use your yacht or power catamaran as much as you would like, and let us  generate income for you from the weeks the boat is chartered.

Expand your current investment portfolio to include ‘Lifestyle Investing’ through yacht ownership.  Get the best of both worlds by generating financial returns from investing in an activity you are passionate about – yachts!

Yachts in the Virgin Motor Yachts ownership program can be expected to return ~8% annually (based on historical charter data) to their owners – in the form of cash payouts!

Are you interested in yacht ownership but have concerns about fluctuations in your annual expenses and revenue? Virgin Motor Yachts now offers a ‘guaranteed revenue’ ownership program to make yacht ownership even easier.  Yacht owners in the ‘guaranteed revenue’ program enjoy a fixed, GUARANTEED REVENUE payment every month, with ZERO ownership expenses of any kind.  Not only does Virgin Motor Yachts coordinate all aspects of their yacht ownership and maintenance, we pay for all of them as well.   Once you purchase the yacht, you don’t have to worry about one single expense for the entire 5 years of your contract, and you also have the certainty of a fixed, guaranteed revenue payment every month – what could be better?!

Virgin Motor Yachts offers motor yachts, powercats and luxury yachts for traditional ownership, fractional ownership or guaranteed revenue ownership.

BVI Yacht Charters with Virgin Motor Yachts

Welcome to Virgin Motor Yachts in the beautiful British Virgin Islands!  The British Virgin Islands, also known as the ‘BVI’s,’ are a collection of approximately 60 beautiful islands surrounded by turquoise blue seas, white sand beaches and aptly nicknamed ‘Nature’s Little Secret.’ The individual islands making up the BVI are located close together, offering short travel times between islands and easy line of site navigation for charter. Coupled with temperatures averaging in the low 80’s and the warm trade winds offering a nice breeze, it is easy to see how the BVI has become known as one of the premier sailing and yacht charter destinations in the world.

BVI Yacht Charter Options

One of the best ways to explore all the islands of the BVI have to offer is on a yacht charter.  Yacht charter options include; bareboat yacht charter, powercat charter, captained or luxury yacht charters.

Luxury Yacht Charter

Do you want to experience all the beauty and fun of the British Virgin Islands without any of the ‘work’ of a bareboat charter?  Consider a luxury yacht charter that is fully crewed to offer you the best of both worlds.  Crewed charters allow you to cruise around the islands of the BVI in luxury and comfort, while experiencing the ultimate level of service and style.  On our luxury yachts, a full time crew will attend to your every need and request.  A captain will be on board to command the yacht and help plan an itinerary personalized to your activities and travel style.  A gourmet chef will prepare three meals a day for you on board that are all tailored around your tastes and preferences.

Luxury yachts are complete with all amenities including stunning accommodations, gourmet meals, satellite tv and movies, internet access, watersports toys – paddleboards, snorkel equipment, kayaks etc.  Depending on the size of the yacht, some even have Jacuzzis, on-board gyms and giant waterslides. The crew will move the yacht around all the best spots in the British Virgin Islands and often show guests ‘secret spots’ that are generally not seen by tourists or other charter guests. A luxury yacht charter is the ultimate way to enjoy the BVI in comfort and style!

Regardless of whether you choose to visit the British Virgin Islands via a bareboat or luxury charter, both provide you a chance to experience one of the world’s premier yachting destinations!

Bareboat Yacht Charters

A bareboat yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands allows you the opportunity to be your own captain and charter a yacht yourself to chart your own adventure.

When chartering a bareboat yacht you can choose from two types; monohull motor yachts or power catamaran. Both provide a great way to cruise the British Virgin Islands in speed, style and comfort.

You can view the multiple yachts and power catamarans we offer for bareboat yacht charter and our reservations specialist can then help you pick the best yacht for your group.

Once you have selected your perfect yacht, we will send you a contract and a ‘sailing resume’ for you to complete, that details your previous experience as a yacht captain. This allows us to ensure that the yacht you have selected is the ‘best fit’ for you and your expertise.

Bareboat Yacht Charter Procedure

Once you arrive in the beautiful British Virgin Islands we will help coordinate your arrival at our base in Nanny Cay Marina. You can go to town to purchase provisions for your yacht, or you can order them in advance on line and they will already be on board when you arrive. Our customer service specialist will help you complete your charter paperwork and then you are nearly ready to go.

Our Operations Manager will walk you through all the systems onboard and provide you a full ‘check out’ to ensure you are completely comfortable with the yacht before you set out on your charter. Following this briefing, you are all set to head out on the water! Your yacht will have an ipad mini loaded with Navionics to make navigating stress and hassle-free even for guests who are chartering in the waters of the British Virgin Islands for the first time.  Our Operations Manager will also go through all the British Virgin Island maps and navigational charts to ensure you are comfortable navigating in the waters of the BVI.

While cruising around the British Virgin Islands, there is no ‘set’ itinerary of any kind – where and when you go is completely up to you. You can choose to cruise to as many of the popular islands; Norman, Peter, Cooper, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke as time will allow, or you can spend most of your time in only one or two places.  You are the captain on your bareboat yacht charter so you can do whatever you prefer whenever you prefer!  We do recommend that first time guests be sure to check out a few of the islands top spots including; The Baths, The Indians, The Willy-T, Cooper Island Beach Club, Wreck of the Rhone, Bitter End Yacht Club & Soggy Dollar Bar – just to name a few!